E-Courts India API

The E-Courts India API is a public enterprise grade API for Indian Courts which supports District Courts, High Courts, NCLT, Consumer Forum, etc. It fetches case data from the respective courts' website using advanced algorithms and returns a developer friendly JSON object.

Powerful & Scalable

Optimized for tens of thousands of requests per second. The API is powered by powerful cloud infrastructure.

Real Time Data

The API is updated real time with the latest data from the courts. We do not cache or store any data.

Super-Fast Integration

Powerful and complex on the inside, simple on the outside — our JSON API design will get you up and running in minutes.

Budget Efficient

The API is designed to be as low-cost as possible. Plans starting from just ₹ 500/month.

ECI-API is not just about fetching case data!

  • Case Management Software
  • Study & Research
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Background Checks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an official API?

No, this API is not an official API, it is an advanced scraper that fetches data from the actual court websites.

Is the data real-time?

Yes, the data is fetched in real-time from the courts' websites.

Do you store any data?

Apart from court orders no history is maintained on the server side. All data is just parsed and delivered to the requester.

Is there a free version?

I no longer offer a free version of the API because of increase in complexity of courts and amount of data offered.

Why is the API paid if the data is free?

I ultimately have to bear all hosting, storage and network costs and the subscription is just a reimbursement for that.

Will more courts be added?

With time, the API will be expanded. Currently I am working on adding the Supreme Court & Delhi High Court!